Brown’s text-based paintings and mixed-media pieces are idiosyncratic and cultural commentaries on the interaction of the visual,
the linguistic and the iconic. He SUPERCRASHES fragments of text, sentences, imploding statements, dynamic thought, caustic words, silly comments, modern logos, cliches, scribbles, color fields, shapes and lines to dislocate, obscure or pulverize common understanding or beliefs.

He plays in his own graphic and literary world filled with color-saturated imagery and multi-layered signs – all made on a hard surface
4 feet wide x 5 feet high.

Responding to and engaging in a plethora of his own images and found images, he applies his understanding of the complex transactions in making art. With the collision of word, picture, shape and line [an agitated step-child of his commercial design work] he has evolved a unique signature, that reverberates in the forever-evolving visual languages of our time.

His unique, singular work, is iconic. Ironic. Often humorous. And sometimes dour. 


Queen + Dovercourt, Toronto

Callum M. Brown



July 22 to August 21 2004

33 paintings, 48″ x 60″, acrylic, oil, house paint and graphite on wood.

21 selected works here


TAAFI [Toronto Alternative Art Fair International]

THE DRAKE HOTEL 2004 – First artist to exhibit in the lobby of the hotel.

MOCCA [Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art]